University of Leicester Press Release Enterprising Project Finale Hosted by Dragon

  Enterprising project finale hosted by Dragon 


 This enterprise focused project spearheaded by The University of Leicester which offered enterprise opportunities to students from further education colleges and members of the community across Leicestershire concludes on Thursday.

The Leicestershire’s Got Enterprising Business Talent 2009/2010 Grand Finale will be held at the City Rooms. YO! Sushi Founder and former panel member of Dragons Den, Simon Woodroffe OBE will oversee the proceedings.  There will be a final winner with a prize of £1,250. 

The Colleges-University of Leicester Network (CULN) received over £170,000 funding from the sub-regional partnership under the newly established ‘Leicester and Leicestershire Leadership Board’ . This sub-regional funding was distributed amongst colleges and community organisations throughout Leicestershire to implement enterprise initiatives.   Mike Dalzell, Head of the Sub-regional Support Unit said, “This is the type of project that will inspire and have an impact on young people especially, as it provides an unique opportunity for young people to think through and try out a potential business idea  and at the same time learn enterprise skills and capability to succeed. It promotes enterprise culture and attaches value to this type of learning”.

 The funding for the project, now in its second year, was used to enable people across Leicestershire to learn about business and entrepreneurship, as well as set up their own enterprise projects.  Each enterprise idea was pitched to a Dragon’s Den type panel with the third to first placed winning projects to be announced at Thursday’s Gala Dinner.

 This enterprise competition has created enormous interest from the people involved. 11 Further Education colleges and community organisations from far and wide across the county put together exciting programmes including a focus on topics such as Hair and Beauty, Art and Crafts and Low Carbon Energy.

 Katie Morris, The Colleges-University of Leicester Development Officer commented:

 “This project has shown the entrepreneurial capabilities of a wide range of people across Leicestershire. We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of everyone involved in the project, from the project organisers in each institution, through to the students /parents and clients taking part in the competition. The standard of the entries has been exceptionally high and the project has really highlighted the enterprising talent of Leicestershire residents.”

 The Grand Finale will feature a dynamic presentation on innovation and entrepreneurship by Simon Woodroffe, who was a Rutland resident for seven years.

 The project concludes with the gala dinner for 200 guests which includes members of all finalist teams.

It is certainly an occasion to be celebrated. Our thanks goes to the Sub-Regional Leadership Board and emda for supporting the enterprise activity programme this year.   

 Notes to Editors:

 The participating colleges and community organisations and their enterprising ideas are listed below:

 Regent College 

 Product Name:          TrackNav 2.0

 This product is a pet tracker for pet owners constantly worrying about their pet’s whereabouts. Another added element to the product is a performance tracking application which enables the owner to monitor the pet’s performance and health. The product works by attaching a chip to the pet’s collar. Whilst the technology already exists, this product is unique to the market.

 Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I College

 Product Name:          Let’s Cook

 The idea behind this product is to promote healthy eating to young people through an interactive cook book. The touch screen will allow children to access recipes as well as improve technical skills. The recipes can be adjusted to suit the needs of the child and different age levels will be addressed. The cook book will also include in depth nutritional advice and offer guidance about presenting food in an exciting way. There are already cook books out there for children but this product stands out from the rest because of its educational purpose, its interactive features and finally, its fun fairy cake design.

North Warwickshire & Hinckley College

 Product Name:          Companion Coffins

 This business manufactures coffins for pets and animals whose owners would like to give them a respectful burial. Many people have pets that have become a large part of their life and when it comes to parting with them, they would like to do it in a dignified fashion. Companion Coffins design bespoke coffins according to customer needs. These coffins are unique because they are customised and more widely available than other animal coffins on the market.

 Stephenson College

 Business Name:          Aim Higher

 Our business aims to inspire underachieving salons to attract more business through innovative and exciting new styles and approaches. We want to help other businesses to raise their profiles via our creative talent. We are unique because our approach is adventurous, exciting and fun. We create styles to shock and rock this world!

 Leicester College Project 1

 Product Name:          PULSE

 PULSE is a 7th generation interactive gaming accessory consisting of a wireless body simulator which sends waves of vibration to various parts of the human body via rumble motors. It is constructed through five 3cm thick straps which are attached to the chest, right arm, left arm, right leg and left leg. The product operates wirelessly to create a thrilling and exhilarating gaming experience. This product is a unique accessory that is simple and easy to use. It draws upon already existing technology to immerse the gamer in a full sensory adventure.

 Leicester College Project 2

 Product Name:          Universal Winder X1

 The Universal Winder X1 is a multi functional charger that operates without the need for a power source. The product uses already existing wind up technology to create a small amount of energy to power day to day appliances such as mobile phones, straighteners etc. The product is unique because it works with any type of plug and it also offers an USB port. In short, this product can be used all over the world and could become a life saving resource in disaster scenarios. This is an eco friendly device that can be used by anyone who uses powered technology.


 Company: Take Action

 Take Action is an events management project which aims to bring together all of the community organisations across Leicestershire under one roof. It will launch with a one day exhibition that will showcase what each organisation can offer. Take Action will engage with corporate sponsors, celebrity entertainers and local businesses to attract the general public and potential funders to attend and, ultimately, to become involved with community work. This is one of those rare events that will not only maximise profit but also maximise social benefit. Looking to the future, Take Action plans to run the event annually as well as to expand into other areas across the UK.

 Gateway College

 Company: Bugs Away

 Bugs Away is a simple product that captures insects without killing them. It works through the use of pressurised air that creates a vacuum to draw the insects into a detachable chamber. Bugs Away is unique because of its eco-friendly properties; it does not require any power source and can be used by all ages. This product would be a success because it offers a humane solution to an everyday problem. Use Bugs Away to keep the bugs away!

Hand in Hand

 Company: Kibble Arts

 Kibble Arts can reproduce those special moments in either watercolour, oils or cross-stitch. Unique to the market, this service will capture those precious moments forever. Sally will work from a photograph to create your masterpiece. This is a truly bespoke service which will rekindle your memories and deliver a piece of artwork to treasure.

 Tomorrow Together

 Alison Benner

 Business name: Six Little Ducks

 Six Little Ducks is a craft education business. From the starting point of designing and producing cards, Six Little Ducks has developed and expanded into an educational resource. The business can provide craft workshops, craft kits and bespoke designs for a number of different audiences. Six Little Ducks brings the excitement back into crafting.

 Brooksby Melton College

 Company : (Mini) Mayhem Theatre

 (Mini) Mayhem Theatre is a youth theatre company aimed at inspiring creativity in young people aged 9-18 across Melton Mowbray. It is not about grooming the young stars of tomorrow but about encouraging development, confidence building, creativity and ownership amongst the young people. Their voice is always respected, listened to and heard throughout the entire process of each production. This is a community based, inclusive project that benefits all involved. As the Mayhemers say, we’re ‘dreamin’ it real’.

For more information about the Grand Finale event and ‘Leicestershire’s Got Enterprising Business Talent’ please contact:

 Katie Morris on 0116 252 5920, or via email

 PR and Press for the event

Contact Louise Holland, on 0116 261 6868 or via email

 There will be opportunities for interviews with Simon Woodroffe and the finalist teams and photographs can be taken – which need to be organised in advance.