Olivia reflects on her first week

My first week at Holland Alexander has come to an end. It’s been an exciting week! I took part in the East Midlands Homes & Property show in Loughborough which was a really positive experience. I was team leader on the second day of the event which was nice for the team to give me that responsibility already.

The team have been lovely and very welcoming. I came into the office today to receive flowers from Louise as a welcome and a thank you for my work during the event! Amazing.

 I can’t believe I’ve completed one week already, with lots of exciting events to come I have a feeling my time with the team will fly! I know I’m going to learn loads, and be given new challenges which will allow me to gain invaluable skills for the future. So a big thank you form me already for having me as part of the team.

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Our next placement student Cherie Rickets looks forward

Our April placement student has very kindly written a blog for us. Having just completed the De Montfort University Cultural Exchanges festvial, she is about to partake in a months long work placement with holland alexander. We asked her to discuss the experience she has gained and what she hopes to acheive during her time at holland alexander.

As a third year Arts management student the option of taking part in a student led festival called Cultural Exchanges was made available. Generally I have a keen interest in events management and would like to pursue a career in such an area. I quickly realised that through working on the Cultural Exchanges festival I would be able to gain necessary experience that would provide me with a basic platform of knowledge and understanding of what is needed to ensure success. I personally believe that within the events industry there is no such thing as perfection but the careful management of obscurities and possibly problematic circumstances. Throughout the Cultural Exchanges festival our small team was challenged by potentially difficult situations that could have impacted on the programmed events. However as we found out, team work is absolutely key in the deliverance of an event or festival. Working with my Cultural Exchange colleagues was amazing, we identified that the continuity of communication is a given but communicating the right information was crucial. As part of my BA Honours Arts Management course I am expected to organise and undertake a placement in an appropriate organisation. I chose Holland Alexander as I have found the organisation to be highly recommended and also have a broad scope of events. During the placement I hope to deepen my understanding of the events circuit and gain confidence in areas of working. Holland Alexander will help me to gain an additional outlook of what it means to be a team player and establish a better professional manner when dealing with cliental. As a temporary member, I intend to contribute possibly innovative ideas and organisational skills. Due to previous working experiences I have effectively delegated teams and completed tasks given; if an opportunity arises I will try my best to represent Holland Alexander. Eventually I would like to adopt an Eagle like persona when dealing with tasks/projects allocated; the initial target or goal is clear to see and is achieved through strategic planning accompanied by the power of team work.

Cherie Ricketts