10 Steps for a successful tender bid

STEP 1 Good Bids need to influence. The reader wants the “wow” factor. Write in a way which shows you understand what they want.

i) Show effective communication. Think of the reader. ii) Focus on client needs.

STEP 2 Define your offering. • USP

STEP 3 Eliminate the project teams’ pain. • Think from the point of the project team

STEP 4 Front load the document and state the interesting items first.

STEP 5 Give the reader hope • Start the paragraph with good strong headings. Larger sized font. Bold.

STEP 6 Avoid the negative • Use words which keep positive messaging.

STEP 7 Ruthless edit by asking “so what.” Smaller submissions more likely to win the tender.

STEP 8 Executive Summary must be done and always at the top of the document.

STEP 9 Get their attention

STEP 10 Don’t let the client review it for you. FOCUS ON THE CLIENT • Review

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