virtual innovative production

Holland Alexander Virtual Innovative Production converts our extensive high-end, live events and production service, to an online solution.

Create professional and engaging digital events, using our expertise of virtual storytelling and message development, for maximum impact.

Digital experiences that impress require thorough planning. We will work with you to produce streamed and recorded  events, integrating a wide mix of production techniques that will see your virtual event stand out. We will create that all-important brand connectivity that live events excel in.

Our bespoke production plans are designed around your preferences and materials, to provide a seamless end-to-end, well-executed virtual solution.

Content options to suit you:

*Interview pieces with one of our presenters, or with a member of your organisation

*Keynote speaker address to camera with vision mix of graphics and slides

*Graphics direct to screen

*Film or moving media integrated into content

*Cloud hosting of technical backend required with unlimited viewers

*Secure and private streaming

*Pre-record and rehearsals of all presentations

*Audio mix

*Live Q&As with private or public audience

*Connection with social media channels to sync live with your virtual event

*Recorded version of the final output for loading onto your website or for reuse

*Our team has years of stage direction qualifications and experience to guide you to the highest possible success and result

Digital events are here to stay: Upgrade now to an HA VIP solution

Bespoke plans start from £5K

Please email to set up a consultation and discover how well-produced digital events are designed for success