Since 2005 the team at Holland Alexander has been creating high-end events, production and audience campaigns.

Based in the Midlands, our client work portfolio features delivering a range of international projects such as multi-day festivals at E3 in Los Angeles, a five-day B2B conference in Las Vegas to a gaming experiential performance series at GDC in San Francisco.

Domestically, production and campaign projects feature student facing experiences such as Graduations and welcome ceremonies, to consumer games and esports festivals. Our B2B market includes digital events for award ceremonies, unique packages such as our latest “Christmas United” party events and business conferencing.

In 2019, we launched Horsepower Xp which delivers digital communications and special events for the horse-racing sector.

Our team offer extensive experience in live event technical design and production, digital and social portfolio management, broadcast and streaming of live or recorded content, content choreography and clear strategic messaging expertise for all types of experiences both live and virtually received.

We bring clear value, positive energy and expertise to each project and to the people that we work with. We hope you like our site and it inspires you to get in touch with to see that we are what we preach.