Winter Graduations January 2020

Graduations is such a special occasion, with students coming together with friends, families, fellow students, academics and peers to celebrate their huge achievement of gaining their degree/masters/honorary degree. Over 1622 graduands came together this January, over 10 ceremonies, with around 4093 of their friends and family members to take their place in the spotlight.

As part of the event delivery Holland Alexander co-ordinated the provision and installation of lighting, sound, special effects, cameras, temporary seating, stage and set, technical desk and operators into the university site, creating a theatre for over 1000 people.

Throughout the live days, we produced live content, including voiceovers and bespoke slide decks, for each ceremony to engage with the audience and highlight every special moment for the students graduating. Each element and cue is timed witin our bespoke technical scripts which document minute by minute and, sometimes second by second, the proceedings of each ceremony.

Each performer receives a personal and full rehearsal with our technical team and director, to put them completely at ease in their role and to ensure a smooth delivery for all.

Our equipment and processes facilitate the live streaming of each ceremony to broadcast the event to loved ones all around the world; and enable each ceremony to be recorded onto DVDs, available to all graduates, to document this special occasion.

Holland Alexander organises the installation of a hospitality marquee next to the ceremony site, to accommodate students arriving for their ceremony with their guests to take in refreshments and watch the ceremony live on plasma screens, should they not have a ticketed seat within the venue. The marquee provides a warm and welcoming space for everyone to celebrate with snacks and drinks and maybe even a glass of celebratory prosecco.

These are long days for our team, opening up the marquee at 7am, event managing three live ceremonies and locking up to hand over to Security at 8pm, but so worth every minute to soak up the party atmosphere and see each graduand take centre stage and enjoy their special moment, surrounded by friends, family, memories and live photos of their stand out moment, that they will remember and treasure forever.