How to smash your event PR strategy

When you first start planning your event it’s easy to become wrapped up in the management and logistics, so if you don’t have a clear PR strategy already in place it could be forgotten amidst the other planning.

Plan Plan Plan

Your PR strategy should be in place from before the event launches. You should know the key steps you’ll take and when you’re planning to take them. Having this plan will help you to hit key milestones and keep you on track.

Be flexible

Ok, I know I’ve just said to have a plan in place but you need to be flexible. You PR plan should be a live document that’s updated in line with your event developments. New developments may present new PR opportunities.

Have targets

Is there a key magazine that you want to be featured in, or a specific journalist that you want to attend the event? Highlight these right from the start and keep them in mind in all of your marketing. The longer you give yourself to hit these targets the more achievable they will be.

Believe in your event

Nobody can sell or promote your event better than you. Believe in what you’re doing and what you’re bringing to the industry. Passion speaks loudest and if you don’t think your event is fantastic, then why should anyone else?

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