Experiential Marketing Day in London

Holland Alexander are always thinking of new ways to drive engagement through digital channels for a client. We aim to go the extra mile and deliver effective PR campaigns in a unique, effective way.

This was proved when we delivered an experiential digital marketing campaign in London for Leicester’s design season. As the PR & Marketing partner of Design Season, we wanted to do something different.

The initial concept was to deliver a visual & informative digital marketing campaign through social media channels which shows how various places in London link to Leicester’s design scene and community.

The 5 steps to achieve this was:

  • Research into how the city of London links to Leicester’s design scene
  • Build a content strategy
  • Develop a social media plan with a brand-new hashtag
  • Promoting the campaign in advance to gain engagement
  • Holland Alexander’s social media experts deliver the campaign

After delivering the campaign, our social media experts used analytics to find out what gained high engagement and who the audience was to figure out how to leverage communication efforts in the future.

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