Which social platform is best for your event?

How to market your event isn’t as simple as placing an advert in a magazine anymore. Traditional PR and advertising aside, having a successful social media marketing strategy could make or break your event. But which platforms should you be using?

Instagram is without doubt our favourite social media platform at the moment. With beautiful imagery to show the quality of your event, 24 hour stories showcasing updates and live broadcasts to your followers, there’s plenty to keep you busy! Instagram have also recently introduced hashtags in profile biogs making it easier than ever for people to discover and engage with your business or event.

Whilst Instagram might be at the top of our list due to the visual aspects and new features, Twitter is still absolutely key when it comes to developing and maintaining an audience. Your Twitter profile should provide a means of engagement with your followers, so it’s important to schedule regular updates and respond to enquiries.

Is Facebook dead? We don’t think so, not yet. Whilst it doesn’t dominate the social media market in the way it used to, it’s still a fantastic way to spread news of your event. Setting up a business page will allow your followers an effective means of contacting you and a Facebook event page still offers a great way to keep your event in the forefront of people’s minds. Whilst response numbers on Facebook events don’t always translate to true attendance it can still help in creating a buzz.

Which social media platform do you find the most effective? Tell us on Twitter @thegreateagle.