Adele joins Holland Alexander

Hi, Im Adele and I’m the new Client Services Director at Holland Alexander. I joined Holland Alexander at the end of August 2013. I worked for HA on a number of international events in the early part of 2013 and realised that Events are for me. When I was offered a permanent position, I swiftly accepted.

I had previously worked in the world of Legal Costs for 13 years. During this time I had a lot of contact with Costs Lawyers (Costs Draftsman as it was back in the day), Solicitors, Insurer Clients, and other commercial clients. Whilst I enjoyed my job and the people I came into contact with, I realised that the creative and personable aspects of me were not being used to their full potential. Enter Holland Alexander stage left…

Outside of work, any free time that I have is taken up by my two beautiful daughters. In between baking and being an unlicensed taxi driver I also enjoy reading and travelling the world, which gives me the opportunity to meet everyone in the world at least once!

My first event for Holland Alexander was for FRUC. At this event I worked at the Front of House, meeting and greeting the guests and assisting with the production of the evening. I loved it from the moment I started. Sitting at a desk reviewing solicitors files in order to draft a Bill of Costs paled in comparison. I felt like something had come alive inside.

Following the two international events in LA and San Francisco there was no going back. To quote one of my favourite books, it’s like a drug to me, “My own personal brand of heroin.” Twilight by the way…

Before I started I had an introduction morning at the offices of Holland Alexander at Rich Mix in Shoreditch. A cinema, cafe and bar in your own building…amazing new colleagues…do I have to leave? Oh yes, I need to look after my children. Pesky kids.