Josh’s Placement with Holland Alexander

After a hard-working school year at Bosworth Academy, I now have the opportunity of placement at Holland Alexander.

There are many things I am looking forward to during my placement at Holland Alexander. An event that is happening during my week at Holland Alexander, visiting the capital of England, London and working with the Shoreditch team.

I have only ever been London three times. Twice to visit football stadiums (Emirates Stadium, Stamford Bridge and Wembley Stadium) and once to the Olympics in 2012 to watch the basketball final, which was a once in a life time experience.

Another experience I am looking forward to is the chance of working at Soar Media and Holland Alexander client, Leicester Mercury. I enjoy reading some of Soar Media’s designs, Leicester City Football Club programmes and Soar Magazine. I also enjoy not just the sport section, but the whole newspaper from Leicester Mercury, as it gives me an insight on what’s happening in the city I live in. I also have the opportunity to watch Leicestershire County Cricket Club in the media box, with Paul Jones, a sports reporter.

My dream job is to be a football journalist and think that during my placement at Holland Alexander I will learn many things. One thing is that I will learn to how to write like a reporter, which will help me become a journalist. I also think that the experience of working with Paul Jones will affect me, as it will give me an idea of what needs to be included in reports. The last thing that I think will help me in the future is the whole week ahead, as it will give me the experience of a life at work.