Flora’s third week at Holland Alexander

I am just starting my third week at Holland Alexander, and my main thoughts involve questioning how it has gone so quickly! From the first morning with a general introduction and welcome, I have been busily planning, e-mailing, phoning and brainstorming with all of the team. I have been pleasantly surprised at how different it is from other work experience I have had; the relaxed feeling of the office is a great novelty – as are the photos of Jade, along with cupcakes, stuck on bunting above some of the desks (it was her birthday recently).

Everything I have been asked to do has been well explained, even my tentative first use of twitter – a concept I had previously been extremely confused by (slightly embarrassing for a young reasonably computer literate individual…) Now, I have high hopes of tweeting and hash-tagging like a professional. All the rest of the work I have been a part of has provided a brilliant overview of events management – opening my eyes to a lot of the details that go overlooked when you are just attending parties, or even waitressing at them. From University events to 3 day conferences I can’t wait to get involved more with the great projects we are working on, I am especially excited for one of the events I have helped plan to actually happen!

One of the highlights to look forward to this week – Louise bringing in the Chocolate Chai Tea that she has bought for the team!