Lorna’s First Day at Holland Alexander

First day at a new job and I am experiencing all the usual feelings; excitement, nerves, curiosity to name a few; what will my day bring? After overcoming my first hurdle, a delayed train!!! (Not the start I was hoping for!) I finally make it to the office on time and I am greeted by a smiling and welcoming Lou and Claire. Any nerves I soon had disappeared straightaway as I was made to feel completely at home.

After briefly getting acquainted with my new desk and a tour of the building it is straight down to business as I am filled in on all the things I will be involved with including a national conference and awards in a few weeks time, Christmas parties in Manchester, plus all about the exciting new things Holland Alexander has planned for the next few months.

Before I know it the day is gone and I am making my way back home. With all today’s excitement I am not quiet sure how I ever get any sleep tonight. All I know is that I can not wait to come back tomorrow and start what I am sure will be a fun-filled, exciting and action packed career with Holland Alexander.