Lou Holland, New York Christmas 2012 Manchester event series producer blogs on the latest state of play

23 August 2012
Days to go to events: 106

Having launched our New York Christmas 2012 events at the Concorde Conference Centre in Manchester back in May we’ve had our concept and designs in a good advanced stage for a while. With high ticket sales volume across eight event dates to promote and sell, the team is focused on presenting the Christmas events information to the right type of buyers. We’ve approached 2,000 businesses across ten sectors operating in the North West who will be looking to host staff, clients and suppliers at an event this December.

With the sales strategy in full swing we have had a number of good sales and notes of interest. I believe that once the marketplace recovers from the Olympics hangover and a summer that never really raised more than a sleepy paw, companies will look to the end of the year to firm up their plans to celebrate what has been a momentous 2012.
For us as the sales and production team, the next few weeks of selling the event dates are critical.

Creatively the concepts continue to build from designing our opening digital sequence, the stage look and branding around the venue.

Next Tuesday we’re having a New York dress up theme day following our NY buffet event last week. Some of us have a look, some of us are still thinking about what we can get away with wearing whilst travelling on East Midlands Trains and reaching our East London office without an involuntary visit to Old Street Police Station. If it helps to get us in the vibe and we connect better with ticket buyers, then let’s do it!

Presenting our Super Fly events is 100% strategic work, relentless and with some fun interspersed.

See the full event information at www.hollandalexander.com/NewYorkChristmas, let us know what you think.

We know the live events will be stand out and the guests will have an amazing time.
We can’t wait for the eight fantastic Bright Lights Big City events. Can you?

Lou Holland
Holland Alexander