Jade’s overview of her first graduate role at Holland Alexander

After spending my first two weeks at Holland Alexander being thrown straight into event planning, meeting business contacts at quaint cafés and running around dressed as a panda during a Caribbean Carnival, I can’t help feeling slightly luckier than my Warwick University contemporaries. It’s no secret that graduates are having a hard time these days. Even with a first class degree, it’s nigh on impossible to get a job, and don’t get me started on History. I might as well wear a badge saying “No, actually, I don’t want to be a History teacher”.

The other half I feel lucky not to be are those geared up with graduate jobs in banking and finance, because let’s face it, that’s where most Warwick graduates end up. I don’t doubt that they’ll love their jobs, but I can’t imagine sitting crunching numbers at the same desk all day, every day, even if they’d let me. I would much rather work somewhere where I’m introduced to a bronze eagle named after Julius Caesar on my first day, and asked (in all seriousness) whether I prefer cats or dogs.

So where does that leave me? Well, at Holland Alexander for a start. Luckily, my answer was ‘cats’ so I wasn’t thrown back out on the street straight away. My first couple of weeks have given me high hopes. The work is interesting and varied, the team is friendly and motivated, and (despite some horror stories) I can’t wait to work my first event. Getting a first in my degree might be handy, but it’s nothing without experience. So however long I’m invited to stay at Holland Alexander, I’m hoping that that all the experience I gain and the people I meet will give me the opportunity to beat the statistics and start a career in this vibrant industry. And hopefully I’ll manage not to staple my finger next week.