Rose Munday reports on her experience at Holland Alexander

Whilst at the University of Leicester, I took part in an extracurricular activity recruiting other students to a Careers event that the University were hosting. For this we were invited to attend a session with Louise Holland which was intended to help us with our task – but for me had the double purpose of giving me an insight into a career path that I was interested in; that of marketing and PR. After the session I spoke to Louise about potential work experience with Holland Alexander and was thrilled at her friendly attitude and offer of a placement after my exams.

I had a fantastic time on the placement. Everyone in the office was really friendly. Mainly based at the Holland Alexander office in Leicester, I was set tasks each day which helped me in my time management, as well as my understanding of the industry. I also got to venture into the city centre to view potential venues for events, and even helped out at such an event at the Marriot hotel, assisting with guests and helping Louise and the team ensure the day ran smoothly. In fact the event was a great success and illustrated to me how the time and effort that goes into a project pays off. Over all, my work experience gave me a taste of the PR industry and confirmed to me it is something I’d be interested in pursuing in the future. I think its great how Holland Alexander maintains links with the University as it’s often hard to get work experience as a student– I’d encourage other people to do something similar as I had a really positive experience!