A great start to the new year: An Apprentice Events Executive’s view

A great start to a great new year…

 Each week and month my responsibility within the team has grown along with my confidence and skills as an events professional, and what better way to start the new year than the mission to complete and carry out a client and venue meeting entirely independently.

My first thought – what a great experience! Second thought.. don’t mess it up! But luckily for me this didn’t happen.

With every client/venue meeting you need to make sure you are fully prepared for the meeting. This includes having a meeting agenda, so you can go through the meeting points step by step without missing any details out. You also need to have prepared a list of questions/points you may need to ask, and be prepared if they have some for you also. One major aspect when meeting a venue before the event is to run through the event plan to ensure the venue/client have all the same information and event details and timings as you to avoid any hiccups!

I successfully (and proudly) managed the meeting well and the event ran smoothly. I now have the confidence to carry out another meeting independently in the future whatever the event may be.

Cheers Holland Alexander team – here’s to the next six months!.. What will they bring??


Holland Alexander. Events, Marketing & PR. London Leicester