Top five ways to good customer services at an event

Claire from the team has put together her top five ways to good customer services at an event, see what you think 

  1. Look professional: This doesn’t just mean keeping your appearance tidy and in fitting with the type of event. For instance  if it is a conference wear smart work clothes,  if it is an evening event perhaps a smart evening dress- this is still important but it won’t complete the picture. Essentially it means look like you are there to work and to help the guest, don’t be eating a biscuit when they come in and don’t be talking loudly about last nights football match.
  2. Be Visible: At holland alexander we wear black to events to ensure that we are all on brand but also so that we are not the main focus, the event isn’t about us. However we know that a guest/client needs to be able to find us if they want something. Make sure that a member of the events team is always around and visible ready to help anyone that needs it. For example if it is at a conference, have a main desk where there is always one member of the team there to help- and make sure the customer knows this.
  3. Go above and beyond: Each guest is special and deserves to be treated so. Make sure they feel welcome, ask them if they have everything they need, if someone looks lost ask them if they need help. Go the extra mile, after all that person could be a potential client, employer or even well disguised Royalty. By treating everyone the same it saves any embarrassment at a later stage.
  4. Know your stuff: All event staff should be well briefed not only on what their own role is but on everything to do with the event, this doesn’t mean they need to know every song on a soundtrack. It does mean that they should know the answer to as many questions as they can. At holland alexander once we have set up a venue for an event we leave and enter again as a guest, walking through their route and their evening, during this process we try and trouble shoot, thinking of any questions that may arise, and the answers. Although you can’t be prepared for everything you can certainly try!
  5. Deal with complaints with grace and poise: It is a fact that at an event as a member of events staff you will be the face of the event, this means that the client, the guests and even the venue will come to you when something goes wrong. If any of these people are frustrated or are having an issue then they will come to you, and they may not be very nice or reasonable about it. At this be polite and listen to what they want. Think about number 3 and go above and beyond to help them in any way you can. It may be the difference between them having a good evening or not. It may also be the difference between your client getting a complaint from one of their guests. Although it likely isn’t your fault, and the person in front of you may not be very nice, take the high ground and be the best you can and ‘make great things happen’.

aire from the team has put together her 5 top ways to give good customer services an an event. See what you think