an events executives week

With our Managing Director off to Australia for two weeks, I thought it might be interesting to see the company from a different point of view. Mine. I am the Events Executive for Holland Alexander. What I do on a day to day basis can vary dramatically but it is always interesting.

As my title suggests I primarily work in events but I also work on the companies Marketing and PR campaigns as well, this gives me a nice amount of variety whilst providing me with new challenges to build my skills.

My work during the next two weeks has a lot of variety within it as well. I will be working on the Leicester Mercury Sports Awards 2010, this is an awards ceremony that Holland Alexander has produced for many years, it is an exciting and interesting event that I am really enjoying working on. The work for this involves guest management, venue liaison, client liaison and more. I am currently looking at the trophies for the ceremony and trying something new for the  new year.

Other tasks for the next week include working with the designer to produce a wedding brochure, creating and managing the invites to a corporate day and a focus group. I also have a number of meetings to attend as well the producing of newsletters and press releases. And of course updating the website with our latest work.

Luckily for us we have Jenna Saunders, (who you may remember from her blog on her placement), coming in to work with us for a few days. She is a very talented hard worker and we are happy to be able to help her develop whilst she continues her University Studies.

Just a small look at my week and the tasks ahead. Best get my head down!!